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New Children arrive today! We're very sorry to see the old group go but very excited to receive the new group of children.



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SAIOA: Hello my name is Saioa. In the morning we cleaned the horses, then we passed the horse Bombon and then we troted without chair.

IRUNE: Hello I am Irune. This morning I troted one horse his name is Melenas. Then I troted without the chair and I had English class. At night I will play the jinkana in the town Espejo.

FLAVIA: My name is Flavia. And today y troted with one horse whose name is Filemon. I ride a horse that was very very cool!! IT IS VERY BEAUTIFUL

MARLA: I am Marla. Today I have learned to gallop while jumping bars. I galloped very fast sometimes. The horse I have ridden was Filemon.

Wednesday 2, dinner

Tonight we´ll grill some ribs on the barbacue...delicious


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UXUE:I stayed with the horses, I passed very well, I learn to trot with Estrella and I have a very good time. But now I am a little bit bored because I´m studdying English.

LUCRE: In the morning I rode horse, whose name is Ada. We have cleaned the boxes of the horses.

NAIARA: Today I galloped, troted and passed with Estrella. I cleaned Kratos, Mendizales and Menfis boxes.

RUTH: Hello my name is Ruth. Today I have gone to ride a horse and I did trot. Then, I have ridden without chair.

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